Getting to Know Kamado Joe Grills

As grilling season kicks off again, its appropriate to revisit the differences between the different styles of Kamado Joe grills. Over the past year, I have used the Joe Jr, the Classic Joe, and now the Big Joe.

Kamado’s have a significant cost. Whether it’s the $429 Junior, the $999 Classic, or the $1599 Big Joe – each is an investment. 

The Junior was great this summer. It was perfect for grilling for my family of 6, or smoking a good sized piece of beef. However, when trying to cook eight burgers at the same time, I knew it was time to get the Classic.

The Classic was great. I could cook 15 burgers at a time, I could bake pizzas with the kids – it really allowed for any cooking configuration. It didn’t use a whole lot of charcoal and the charcoal could be reused for the next cook. However, when grilling meats for a couple of families and grilling vegetables – space ran out. 

I ended up upgrading to the Big Joe after getting a great deal from the manufacturer. My major concern was the cost of fuel. However, the Big Joe comes with a third heat deflector that splits the interior of the Big Joe in half. Use of the half moon deflector on the unused side of the grill effectively eliminated the need to heat up half of the grill. 

What does this mean for the consumer? Time and time again I come across people who own three or four Big Green Eggs, to accommodate all their cooking needs. I have also heard a few horror stories of rusted out BGE’s. I do a little math and think about the KJ Big Joe. In one unit, I am able to double the cooking capacity of the largest BGE. Added benefits include being made of superior components and including all needed tools in the purchase price. It’s a win in all areas.