The Perfect Paint for Furniture Restoration?

Amy Howard chalk based One Step Paint is ideal for restoring furniture with minimal effort. Prep is as simple as applying Clean Slate from Amy Howard to remove any dirt and grime buildup. Let the piece completely dry, then apply Amy Howard One Step Paint. If the paint is too thick for your liking, cut it at 10%. This would be a mixture of 90% AH Paint, 10% water. 

For best results, use Amy Howard brushes. AH One Step is a chalk based paint with a flat finish. To apply a sheen (think satin, eggshell, semi- and gloss), use AH Clear Wax. 

If you are interested in antiquing pieces, use the Light and Dark Antiquing waxes with Dust of Ages to reach a desired finish – drop in for our Knowledge Bars or sign up for a daytime or evening class at Rocky Ridge Hardware.

Rocky Ridge Hardware has all of the accessories needed for any Amy Howard project. Come by and talk to the experts who have graduated from Amy Howard University in Memphis, TN.